If you have been asked to complete Ecovadis but are struggling to understand the process, then this blog is for you.

Ecovadis is an online globally recognised assessment platform helping companies to manage their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risk and compliance, drive impact and reach their sustainability goals. This platform will help you improve your sustainability performance across your own company and value chain. The platform evaluates four main areas: environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and business ethics and is based on globally recognised standards such as GRI. Ecovadis provide eligible companies that have completed the questionnaire with a medal. Medals are awarded to the top 35% of companies that complete the Ecovadis assessment. Companies will receive one of the following Ecovadis ratings: bronze (top 35%), silver (top 15%), gold (top 5%) and platinum (top 1%). Medals are only valid for one year and therefore you will have do undergo a reassessment on an annual basis if you would like to maintain a valid medal. Ecovadis is also a great platform for assessing your supplier’s sustainability and help them to improve their sustainability performance through their customised action plan.

What are the benefits of completing Ecovadis?

Ecovadis offer a number of benefits for completing the assessment. Some of which include:

  • Receiving a globally trusted rating which could lead to an advantage over your competitors as more companies are wanting to trade with companies that are implementing sustainable practices.
  • Understand your performance to ensure you have a clear understanding of areas in which you could improve your sustainability practices.
  • Improve and track your progress overtime, not only will this benefit you but will demonstrate to your customers how you are improving your sustainability practices.
  • Promote your business by showcasing your sustainability achievements through medals.

Process for completing the Ecovadis Assessment

1. Register online: Your first step is to create a company profile. Ecovadis provide your company with a tailored questionnaire based on the details you provide during registration.

2. Answer the questionnaire: The questionnaire is based on four main themes: environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement and business ethics covering 7 management indicators, across 21 sustainability criteria. You will need to answer all of the questions and provide supporting documentation for questions that are applicable. Ecovadis require companies to upload supporting documentation to provide evidence. You can provide a range of evidence including reports, certificates, audits etc. You can upload more than one document for each question as supporting evidence.

3. Analysis: Once you have completed and submitted your questionnaire, analysts assess your answers and provide your company with a scorecard.

4. Your score: Your scorecard will provide you with an overview of your performance across the four main themes. If your company has achieved a medal, then this will also be visible on your dashboard.

You will also receive a corrective action plan. These can be used as indicators for areas in which you can implement action to improve your score for the following year. These actions are ranked based on whether they should be considered a high, medium or low priority. This helps you to prioritise tasks effectively.

Top Tips

  1. Ensure your documentation will be accepted by Ecovadis by checking that the documentation is up to date. Make sure that it is clear that the documentation belongs to your company by including your company name/ logo on all documents.
  2. Always provide a comment on your documentation. This will ensure that the analysist knows exactly what they are looking for. Ensure the comment highlights exactly why the document is relevant to the specific answer.
  3. Assign a project manager to oversee the project, collate the information and review the questionnaire before final submission. It is also important to assign the four main themes to people within the organisation with the most knowledge on these topics.

How can we help you with Ecovadis?

We understand that Ecovadis can feel overwhelming. We will help you to understand what documentation is best to upload and help you to develop your documents so you can effectively showcase your sustainable practices and processes.

We help companies to improve their score annually. We will provide you with a gap analysis based on your corrective action plans to identify the documents you will need to update or create to help improve your score. We pride ourselves on offering a hands-on approach and will help you to implement any new document requirements into your business operations.

What we offer:

  • Review your existing policies, actions and KPIs
  • Conduct a gap analysis against Ecovadis
  • Develop and enhance documents
  • Review and develop reports, KPIs and action plans
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Engage and educate your team for lasting Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecovadis and how does it benefit businesses?

– Ecovadis is an online assessment platform focused on evaluating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance. It helps businesses manage their sustainability risks, comply with regulations, and improve their overall sustainability practices. Companies benefit from Ecovadis by receiving globally recognised ratings, gaining a competitive edge, understanding their performance areas, tracking progress over time, and showcasing achievements through medals.

What are the key areas covered in the Ecovadis assessment?

– The Ecovadis assessment evaluates companies across four main themes: environment, labour and human rights, sustainable procurement, and business ethics. These themes encompass 21 sustainability criteria. Companies are required to provide evidence to demonstrate their sustainability performance.

What is the process for completing the Ecovadis Assessment?

The process involves several steps:

  • Registration: Create a company profile and receive a tailored questionnaire.
  • Questionnaire: Respond to questions across the four themes and provide supporting documentation.
  • Analysis: Ecovadis analysts assess the responses and provide a scorecard.
  • Score and corrective action plan: Receive an overview of performance, medal status (if achieved), and a plan for improvement.

Once you have opened your questionnaire you are usually provided with 3-4 weeks to complete and submit the questionnaire. Once you have submitted your questionnaire it takes around 6-8 weeks to receive your scorecard.

How can businesses effectively prepare for and complete the Ecovadis Assessment?

Ensure documentation is up-to-date and clearly labelled with the company’s name/logo. Provide detailed comments to explain the relevance of each document. Ecovadis allows you to download the questionnaire as an Excel spreadsheet. We would recommend using this to add comments as you collate the documentation.

How can Achieve Goal 12 support you with your Ecovadis Assessment?

We can help you identify and develop relevant documentation that showcases your sustainable practices. We can conduct an annual gap analysis based on corrective action plans to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide hands-on guidance in implementing new document requirements into business operations. Our experienced sustainability consultants can assist you with the completion of the questionnaire and offer guidance on how to showcase your sustainable practices effectively and in line with Ecovadis requirements.